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Their African way: The business associates who help the kleptocrats 

African Investigative Publishing Collective and ZAM: David Dembélé (Mali), Theophilus Abbah (Nigeria), Charles Mafa and John Mukela (Zambia), T. Kaiwonda Gaye* (Liberia), Estacio Valoi (Mozambique), Purity Mukami with Africa Uncensored, Kenya

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Bulla Karatasi Massacre: The Ethiopian Connection

Was there an external hand in what befell Garissa residents in November 1980? Read More

Punda Bibi Mwenzangu

Maisha ya baadaye ya punda nchini Kenya yamegubikwa na giza. Sheria iliyopitishwa na serikali ya Kenya mwaka 1999 ikiidhinisha ulaji wa punda inatishia kuwaangamiza punda wote. Hali hii imechangiwa pakubwa na uwepo wa biashara ya punda nchini Kenya. Biashara hii ni sehemu ya mtandao mkubwa wa biashara ya ngozi ya punda inayoendeshwa na nchi ya Uchina duniani. Nini itakuwa hatima ya punda na wanaomtegemea maishani? Read More

Crisis in an Oasis

Turkana county in northern Kenya hosts the country’s largest aquifer. Discovered in the Turkana and Lotikipi basins, the aquifer was expected to benefit the local community which comprises nomadic pastoralists. Read More

Zein Abubakar: There is No Struggle Without Culture

How does our culture shape our worldview in this day and age? Read More

Raila-Uhuru Handshake: One Year On

The image of a smiling President Uhuru Kenyatta and an equally beaming opposition leader Raila Odinga on the steps of the president’s Harambee House office on a sunny March morning a year ago is one that will be played over and over again as the consequences of that now-famous handshake reverberate across Kenya’s political landscape. Read More

Righting the Wrongs: What Next for the Bulla Karatasi Community?

It is 4 decades since the Bulla Karatasi massacre happened. With little being done to bring to book those alleged to be responsible for the killing of possibly thousands of ethnic Kenyan Somalis living in Garissa at that time, what is next for a community that is trying to be at peace with itself and the country it calls home? Read More

Pan-Africanism Today

Is Pan-Africanism today any different from the brand of Pan-Africanism that we know Marcus Garvey and other black activists of their day for? What is the place of young people in today’s Pan-African movement? Read More

History of Pan-Africanism with Brian Kagoro

Celebrated Pan Africanist, Brian Tamuka Kagoro recently gave a lecture on 21st Century Pan-Africanism. He took his audience through the complicated history of Pan Africanism to this defining moment for the global fight for black dignity.

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Ghetto Rescue

For Kenyans living in informal settlements and low-income areas, help when a disaster strikes or in the wake of an emergency, can be elusive and, where available, limited to one’s ability to raise sums of money beyond them in minutes in order to save lives. Read More

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