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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 5: Justice Denied

On the 27th of July 2018, Mr. and Mrs. J*, the parents of now seven-year-old *Alika, walked into the warm morning sunshine outside the Milimani law courts. If only briefly, both their emotionless masks slipped, revealing shy smiles.  It had been three years since the start of a case, pitting them against their daughter. They were accused of perpetrating grievous bodily harm against her,  a charge carrying a maximum life-imprisonment sentence. Read More

The Plunder Route to Panama

The Panama Papers revealed that numerous African politicians have stored wealth in off-shore accounts.  But how did the money get there? A transnational team of reporters in seven African countries investigated looting by their rulers.

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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 4

On 10th June this year, Alika celebrated her seventh birthday in the company of friends and family. Her thin lips curled into a crooked smile that slumps ever so slightly on the right side of her face. After cake and presents, she played with her two best friends, the daughters of her legal guardians, Mr. and Mrs. Mehta*. Were it not for the eldest of the two siblings, Soni*, Alika may very well not be alive today.

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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 3

Eight minutes before midnight on the 22nd of September 2015, a curious status update was posted on Facebook, tagging the Hindu Council of Kenya’s page. A Kamal K Gupta posted it. Also tagged was the Chairman of the Hindu Council of Kenya, Nitin Malde. It read as follows:

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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 2

 In the first part of “The girl they didn’t love”, we reported on the long-term abuse of a 6-year-old girl from the Oshwal Community who we called Alika* in order to protect her identity. It is alleged that Alika suffered abuse while in the custody of her biological parents, two Indian Nationals who settled in Kenya. The headmistress of her school, Ms Bijal Shah, claims she noticed that Alika would come to school bearing injuries, and began making records of the same. She also claims that she reported the abuse to the Oshwal Education Relief Board as early as January 2015, but that nothing was done for more than three months.

Today we pick up the thread of this story as reported by Alika’s mother and father, Mr and Mrs J* (whose identities we must also conceal in order to protect their daughter’s).

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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 1

A criminal case currently before the Chief Magistrate’s Court is drawing back the curtain on two years of an alleged cover-up of serious abuse from within a community built on the exact opposite. At the heart of this case is a six-year-old girl called Alika* (name changed to protect her identity as she is a minor). This series of reports is based on sworn affidavits filed in Kenya’s criminal court and a number of interviews conducted with parties close to the case.

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Kenya’s Next Endangered Animal

“They call me Mr. Punda!”

It is not an insult to be called Mr. Donkey when you are John Kariuki. If anything, he flashes a toothy grin while referring to his moniker. Donkeys have been making him a lot of money, but not quite in the way that most Kenyans would think. He’s the owner and C.E.O of Star Brilliant Donkey abattoir, one of three abattoirs in Kenya built specifically for the slaughter of donkeys.

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No Country for Cartoonists – The Exit of GADO Mwapembwa

JAN: “If you could draw a picture of what you felt the moment you received the news, what would it be?”

GADO: “I don’t know!” (Chuckles) “ I was blank!”
It takes a very powerful moment to make a man who has spent almost a quarter of a century filling out blank canvasses with witty cartoons to be, well, blank. Then again, it isn’t every day that you get the news that you are out of a job. After 23 years.

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