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Dennis Mbae is a reporter at Africa Uncensored. He is passionate about reporting on issues that impact the lives of ordinary people through TV stories and in-depth news articles. He holds a BA in Journalism from Maseno University.

Faced With Extinction, Can East Africa’s Opposition Parties Survive?

Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga and his Ugandan counterpart Dr. Kizza Besigye have peculiar similarities. Both have unsuccessfully contested in multiple presidential elections and sworn themselves in as Presidents. Should they fail to clinch the presidency in their lifetime, they will have an even more striking commonality; that of never reaching the Promised Land like the Biblical Moses.

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Nowhere to hide: The Kenyan Government’s equipment that can “listen in” to your phone conversations

The Kenyan government has been intercepting telecommunications to facilitate the arrest, disappearance and extrajudicial murder of terror suspects. This is according to a new report by Privacy International, a UK based non-governmental organization that investigates the secret world of government surveillance and the companies that enable it.

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