Stories centred around happenings in Kenya

Murky Medics

A technician walks into a hospital to see a doctor but comes out blind. An expectant mother walks in to check on her foetus health but comes out with an empty womb. A mother, who is a doctor, watches helplessly as a medical procedure performed on her daughter leaves her bed-ridden. Each one of these nightmare scenarios happened to Kenyans, and are part of a growing list of complaints against Kenya’s medical fraternity over misdiagnosis, and possible medical negligence. Their stories are tragic, but equally sad are their individual searches for justice. In this documentary, Africa Uncensored’s Dennis Mbae looks into cases of possible misdiagnosis through the lens of these tragic human stories, revealing a heartbreaking thread of problems within Kenya’s healthcare system, with no one to hold accountable at the end.

The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 2

 In the first part of “The girl they didn’t love”, we reported on the long-term abuse of a 6-year-old girl from the Oshwal Community who we called Alika* in order to protect her identity. It is alleged that Alika suffered abuse while in the custody of her biological parents, two Indian Nationals who settled in Kenya. The headmistress of her school, Ms Bijal Shah, claims she noticed that Alika would come to school bearing injuries, and began making records of the same. She also claims that she reported the abuse to the Oshwal Education Relief Board as early as January 2015, but that nothing was done for more than three months.

Today we pick up the thread of this story as reported by Alika’s mother and father, Mr and Mrs J* (whose identities we must also conceal in order to protect their daughter’s).

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The Girl They Didn’t Love – Part 1

A criminal case currently before the Chief Magistrate’s Court is drawing back the curtain on two years of an alleged cover-up of serious abuse from within a community built on the exact opposite. At the heart of this case is a six-year-old girl called Alika* (name changed to protect her identity as she is a minor). This series of reports is based on sworn affidavits filed in Kenya’s criminal court and a number of interviews conducted with parties close to the case.

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Edwin Kuria: We’ll Be Watching You

It is every Kenyan’s expectation and hope that the leaders they elect in the upcoming General Elections will live up to a certain set of values and deliver on the promises they made during the campaigns. Edwin Kuria, a first-time voter, is hoping that his vote will bring about change in the tide of what’s been happening in the country. For him, it’s about zero tolerance towards corruption, fairness and equity.

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Kenya’s Next Endangered Animal

“They call me Mr. Punda!”

It is not an insult to be called Mr. Donkey when you are John Kariuki. If anything, he flashes a toothy grin while referring to his moniker. Donkeys have been making him a lot of money, but not quite in the way that most Kenyans would think. He’s the owner and C.E.O of Star Brilliant Donkey abattoir, one of three abattoirs in Kenya built specifically for the slaughter of donkeys.

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Caroline Aoko: My Silent Cry As A Deaf

The hearing community in Kenya has long been deaf to the needs of deaf people. Among the most neglected is the need to give the deaf priority to vote during elections. Caroline Aoko has experienced this first hand. As Kenyans go the polls on 8th August 2017, she plans to use her vote to amplify the voice of the deaf and create more awareness about their plight.

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Safaricom: The Company That Will Run Kenya?

Safaricom had yet another year of jaw-dropping profits, so big that few people noticed that for the first time in six years, It had less than six billion shillings in its account? Does that mean the mobile service provider is in trouble? Quite the opposite. Less cash now likely means that Safaricom is looking to make billions later, and it will do so by becoming everything but a mobile service provider.

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My Voter Story: Jane Mbithe

For Jane Mbithe, a Mathare resident, the rising cost of living which has seen the price of the commodities she sells at her small business rise, has convinced her that her vote is her ultimate weapon; the one thing she can hold on to and use to be heard by the government of the day. She’s taken bribes before but in this upcoming election, like in 2013, she won’t be taking anybody’s bribe in order to vote.

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Kanjo Kingdom – Part 4

How does money extorted from informal traders on the streets of Nairobi wind up in the formal economy? The answer lies in one of Kenya’s most cherished inventions; mobile money transfer service, M-pesa. The final episode of Kanjo Kingdom tracks the liquid cash that corrupt City Inspectorate officers have taken from hawkers, and has a lesson from one of the whistle-blowers who have filmed these men and women for over a year.

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I Vied And Lost But Will Vote Anyway

In 2013, Africa Uncensored’s cameraman Elijah Kanyi​ vied for the parliamentary seat in Mathare Constituency, Nairobi but lost. His decision was informed by the desire to transform the place he was born and raised. In his #MyVoterStory, he explains why he is not seeking any elective post this time round but will still cast the ballot nonetheless on 8th August 2017.

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