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How Football Changed the Future of Mathare Youth

For Bob Munro, placing faith, trust and resources in tens of thousands of youth based in Kenya’s informal settlements 3 decades ago has borne fruit and left him a happy father as he has watched the likes of Read More

That Time Kenya Had Two Nobel Peace Prize Nominees: The Bob Munro Story

Bob Munro, a towering figure in Kenya’s sports scene thanks to his work with the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA), a community sports development organization he founded 30 years ago, shares his story. Read More

Uber Driver Almost Raped Me

The growing number of taxis in Kenya’s capital has made it easier and cheaper for Nairobians to move around. But this has come with a hidden cost. Sheila Mutheu shares her ordeal in the hands of an Uber driver who turned her ride home into a nightmare.

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Your Story: Nairobi’s Graffiti Godfather

Swift, as he is popularly known, is a trailblazer in the graffiti artistry scene in the country. Self-driven and motivated, he has mastered his craft and travels around the world doing what he knows best: paint his heart out. When he’s not doing that, he’s mentoring the next generation of graffiti artists because as he puts it, “Art is life” and it must live on long after him.

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In the Shadow of Justice

She has seen children die, she has seen women miscarry and says a whole community may be wiped out if nothing is done to clean the environment. Phyllis Omido, an environmental activist was among the activists who helped shut down Metal Refinery, a lead smelting company that was poisoning the residents of Owino Uhuru slum in Changamwe, Mombasa. Phyllis has been collecting data on the mortality rate and runs an organization that advocates for the environment. She was awarded The Goldman Environmental Prize, one of the most prestigious environmental awards in 2015. As a former employee of the lead smelting company, what led her to lead a revolt? In your story this week, Ms. Omido shares why her only son and hundreds of others are victims of rogue businessmen.

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I Don’t Know What to Tell the Women

Coastal Kenya is known for its alluring beaches and rich cultural heritage but over the past few years, unexplained murders and disappearances of terror suspects has become a common aspect of daily life. On the 7th of December this year, HAKI Africa, a non-governmental organization based in Mombasa released a report detailing 81 extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances carried out in a span of four years allegedly in the hands of security agencies. The Government has denied the allegations in the report. In your story segment this week, Salma Hemed, a gender officer at HAKI Africa shares her experiences in the field and what women go through as they cry out for justice when they lose their loved ones in unclear circumstances.

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The Faithful Driver

Africa has one of the highest levels of youth unemployment globally with nearly half of the university students who graduate annually failing to get jobs. While skills and expertise are among key prerequisites to being considered for a job, the concept of trust is sometimes overlooked by both job seekers and prospective employers. Africa Uncensored’s Dennis Mbae spoke to Naftali Ogola, a young taxi driver in Kisumu, Kenya who got a job by virtue of his integrity and through which he has maintained a momentum of good fortune in his work.

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How Alcohol Has Ruined the Life of Kenya’s Top Medical Student

A bright University medical student narrates how chronic alcoholism has ruined his life and repeatedly delayed his completion of studies. Prolonged drinking binges have caused him to skip many examinations and seen him discontinued by the University of Nairobi more than once. His numerous attempts to cut back on his drinking have been unsuccessful. He hopes to return to the University one day and finish his studies.

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