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Concrete Desert: African Cities in Urgent Water Crisis

As Cape Town’s water crisis continues to keep the world focused on the Mother City, several other African cities are staring at a similar fate. These cities will inevitably run out of water if the threat is not dealt with urgently. Read More

End of the River – Part 4

In the final of End of the River, Africa Uncensored’s John-Allan Namu takes a look at the heart of the Laikipia conflict that pits herders from local pastoralist communities against large ranch and conservancy owners.

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Kenya’s New Education Curriculum: Better Students or Bitter Future?

Critics of Kenya’s education system have been unanimous in calling it out for its failure to address critical aspects of growth from a tender age to being in tune with the present. Now that Kenya has rolled out a new curriculum, are things going to be any better? Does the new system address all the concerns raised about the system it is replacing? Africa Uncensored’s Joy Kirigia sought to find out in third installment of our education series focusing on the new curriculum.

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End of the River – Part 3

In the third episode of End of the River, Africa Uncensored’s John-Allan Namu explores the expansive Laikipia county looking for answers to the perennial conflict pitting owners of large ranches and conservancies, the government of Kenya and the pastoralist communities neighbouring them who keep on invading the ranches and conservancies in search of water and pasture. In 2017, the conflict came to a head with the murder of one of the shareholders of the larger ranches, Tristan Voorspuy and the injuring of another, renowned rancher-turned-conservationist, Kuki Gallman.

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Podcast: Hatima ya Upinzani Afrika Mashariki

Matukio ya kisiasa ya hivi karibuni nchini Kenya, Uganda na Tanzania yanatoa taswira ya upinzani unaoendelea kuzidiwa nguvu na serikali. Lakini nini hasa kimesababisha hali kuwa hivi? Mwanahabari wa Africa Uncensored, Dennis Mbae, anatafuta majibu kwenye makala ifuatayo:

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Kenya’s New Education Curriculum: Are the Schools Ready?

In the second part of our series on Kenya’s new education curriculum, Africa Uncensored‘s Joy Kirigia looks at the preparedness of the country.

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Faced With Extinction, Can East Africa’s Opposition Parties Survive?

Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga and his Ugandan counterpart Dr. Kizza Besigye have peculiar similarities. Both have unsuccessfully contested in multiple presidential elections and sworn themselves in as Presidents. Should they fail to clinch the presidency in their lifetime, they will have an even more striking commonality; that of never reaching the Promised Land like the Biblical Moses.

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Raila “Swearing In”: One Staunch Supporter’s Journey to Canaan

Bernard, who we featured in #InTribeWeTrust, is a diehard supporter of opposition coalition NASA and its leader Raila Odinga. Africa Uncensored‘s John-Allan Namu followed Bernard Ochieng as he joined other supporters to witness Mr Odinga being “sworn in” on 30th January 2018, at Nairobi’s historic Uhuru Park.

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What You Need to Know About Kenya’s New Education Curriculum

Beginning this month, learners across Kenya’s 28,000 primary schools are witnessing the rollout of a new education system after a successful pilot that ran from May 2017. The 2-6-3-3 system replaces the 32-year-old 8-4-4 system of education that was inaugurated under the government of then President Daniel Moi.

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