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I Don’t Know What to Tell the Women

Coastal Kenya is known for its alluring beaches and rich cultural heritage but over the past few years, unexplained murders and disappearances of terror suspects has become a common aspect of daily life. On the 7th of December this year, HAKI Africa, a non-governmental organization based in Mombasa released a report detailing 81 extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances carried out in a span of four years allegedly in the hands of security agencies. The Government has denied the allegations in the report. In your story segment this week, Salma Hemed, a gender officer at HAKI Africa shares her experiences in the field and what women go through as they cry out for justice when they lose their loved ones in unclear circumstances.

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Behind the Brush Stroke

When art imitates death: Artists capture the pain of murder victims and families.

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The Faithful Driver

Africa has one of the highest levels of youth unemployment globally with nearly half of the university students who graduate annually failing to get jobs. While skills and expertise are among key prerequisites to being considered for a job, the concept of trust is sometimes overlooked by both job seekers and prospective employers. Africa Uncensored’s Dennis Mbae spoke to Naftali Ogola, a young taxi driver in Kisumu, Kenya who got a job by virtue of his integrity and through which he has maintained a momentum of good fortune in his work.

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Kifo Cha Mende – Sehemu Ya Pili

Katika sehemu ya kwanza ya makala Kifo Cha Mende, tuliangazia baadhi ya visa vya mauaji ya kiholela na watu kutoweka kwa njia tatanishi nchini Kenya katika miaka ya hivi karibuni. Licha ya matukio haya kuongezeka na ushahidi kuashiria yanatekelezwa na vyombo vya usalama, idara ya usalama ingali inashikilia kuwa haihusiki kwa vyovyote vile.

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Kifo Cha Mende – Sehemu ya Kwanza

Nchi ya Kenya ina sifa nyingi za kipekee. Baadhi yake ni ubingwa katika mashindano ya riadha na vivutio maalum vya utalii. Hivi majuzi, Kenya iliandikisha historia kwa kuwa taifa la kwanza ulimwenguni kuzindua dawa ya kifua kikuu ya watoto inayoyeyuka majini na yenye ladha tamu. Hata hivyo, sifa hizi zimetiwa doa na msururu wa kashfa za ufisadi na ukiukaji wa haki za binadamu.

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Protests in Zimbabwe continue despite government ban

Protestors comprising of the elderly, young adults men and women, some of them with babies strapped on their backs and the youth gather in the Africa Unity Square (also known as the Dzamara Square). Itai Dzamara disappeared more than one and half years ago after he launched a one-man demonstration demanding accountability and the resignation of Mugabe.

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Kenya Trudges on, Three Years After Westgate Attack

Today marks three years since the Westgate terror attack that left 67 people dead and scores others injured. Karanja Nzisa, a writer based in Nairobi gives his perspective on what the security agencies have done to avert such attacks.

Sometime last year on an ominous Sunday afternoon, a friend of mine gave me his copy of Dan Reed’s celebrated HBO documentary which chronicles succinctly the terror attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall three years ago today. He assured me of the supreme journalistic quality and educational merits of ‘Terror at the Mall’ as he handed it to me, but I could hear in his voice the unmistakable tinge
of foreboding which I chose to ignore.

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Zimbabwe: Political Alliances and the Flag that Binds

In the 36 years that Robert Mugabe and his ruling party Zanu PF have presided over the affairs of Zimbabwe, it seems the thought of Zimbabweans demanding accountability, true democracy, and good governance never came to mind. The elderly, the disabled, youth and children in Zimbabwe have in the past few weeks been demanding what they claim to be “rightfully” theirs. Although met with brutality and violence, they are still pressing on.

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The Story Behind Co-operative Bank’s Move on Interest Caps

If you walk into most Co-operative Bank branches, chances are that it will take you less than 10 minutes to deposit cash or a cheque into an account. The cash deposit will not be handled by an employee of the bank.

Instead, it will be an agent of the bank receiving the cash and depositing it into an account using a hand-held device similar to the point-of-sale machines used to swipe credit and debit cards in most retail outlets, like coffee houses and petrol stations.

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Troubleshooting the Next Kenya General Election

Whether held 8 August 2017, some time in December 2017 or even as late March 2018 Kenya’s next General Elections must be free, fair and genuinely credible; anything less would plunge the country back into the dark days of Post Election Violence (PEV) that followed the botched 2007 elections. Since the beginning of January 2016 all attention has been focused on the IEBC; election reforms have been distilled into merely changing the line up of IEBC Commissioners − and its Chairman − which nearly all stakeholders have agreed is a prerequisite for the holding of peaceful elections on 8 August 2017.

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