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Six Months of Silence: No Answer Yet About the El Adde Debacle

Today marks six months since the Somali based militant group Al-Shabaab killed dozens of Kenyan Defense Forces troops.  Striking at the crack of dawn, the militant group overran the camp and brutally massacred men in uniform who were mostly in their prime. It was said the attackers carried out an explosion at the gate and what followed was sustained gunfire. The mayhem lasted for hours and some of the KDF soldiers bled to death in the remote, parched hamlet of El-Adde.

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How Alcohol Has Ruined the Life of Kenya’s Top Medical Student

A bright University medical student narrates how chronic alcoholism has ruined his life and repeatedly delayed his completion of studies. Prolonged drinking binges have caused him to skip many examinations and seen him discontinued by the University of Nairobi more than once. His numerous attempts to cut back on his drinking have been unsuccessful. He hopes to return to the University one day and finish his studies.

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Another Hawker Killed by Inspectorate Officers

Only weeks after a Kanjo Kingdom a hawker was killed by city inspectorate officers around Globe Cinema. Patrick Munga, a potential witness in an impending murder case, was pushed into oncoming traffic following clashes between hawkers and inspectorate officers. Africa Uncensored reports.

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What Practical Steps Can Be Taken After Kanjo Kingdom?

How do we get the hawkers safe trading spaces? How do we ensure the city inspectorate officers don’t go around as lords of their own? Following the Kanjo Kingdom series, Africa Uncensored looks at some of the practical steps that can be taken to stop this menace.

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The Officially Sanctioned Procurement Fraud in Kenya

Kenyans are incurring medical expenses which are 30-300% higher than market prices due to the government’s skewed procurement mechanism. The mechanism, known as the Market Price Index model, is not informed by market prices. This has facilitated regular leakage of funds through purchases made at significantly inflated prices.

As a result, there have been exorbitant regional price discrepancies for medical equipment and drugs in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

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Kibubusa cha Kanjo – Sehemu ya Nne

Katika sehemu ya nne na ya mwisho ya ‘Kibubusa Cha Kanjo’, mwanahabari mpekuzi Mohammed Ali anafichua akaunti za siri ambako maafisa fisadi wa Baraza la Jiji la Nairobi huweka hongo wanazokusanya kutoka kwa wachuuzi. Rekodi za M-Pesa tulizonazo zaonyesha kiongozi wa maafisa hawa kwa jina Benson Akasi Ambani (Wasiwasi), amepokea shilingi milioni 18 kati ya mwaka 2013 na 2016.

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An African Hawking problem too lucrative to fix: Bribery and extortion of Hawkers in Africa.

Ruthless. That is how Jacinta Muthoni, a street vendor in Nairobi, describes City inspectorate officers in Kenya’s capital. For two years, she has been taking medication for an ailing kidney after the officers clubbed her in the abdomen with a truncheon.

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Kibubusa cha Kanjo – Sehemu ya Tatu

Hii ni sehemu ya tatu ya makala ‘Kibubusa Cha Kanjo’ yanayoangazia dhuluma na ukatili ambao maafisa wa baraza la jiji la Nairobi huwatendea wachuuzi. Kando na kuwapiga kitutu wachuuzi, maafisa hawa huwadunga kwa visu kiholela. Wachuuzi wengi wameuawa kufikia sasa. Walioponea wangali wakiuguza majeraha mabaya ya kupigwa au kudungwa visu. Haya yote hayangefanyika ikiwa wachuuzi hawa walikubali kutoa hongo.

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Kanjo Kingdom – Part 3

How do you sustain a million shilling extortion scheme? Through Brutalizing and killing those you wish to extort. That is exactly what our investigation into corruption within Nairobi’s City Inspectorate has uncovered. Take a look at the witness accounts and evidence of systematic brutality on episode three of ‘Kanjo Kingdom’.

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Three armed gangsters shot dead in Nairobi, Kenya

Three armed gangsters were gunned down by police Friday morning in Westlands, Nairobi. One pistol, four rounds of ammunition, and a Kenyan national identification card were found at the scene.

Few hours earlier, the trio had robbed a civilian at James Gichuru road and was on the run with the police hot on their tail.

In a white Toyota fielder, they sped off along Waiyaki Way but rammed into an oncoming canter near Westlands round about bringing the trail to an end.

Thereafter, a fierce gun battle ensued near Barclays bank between them on one hand, and police and civilian gun license holders on the other. One such civilian was Harish Rabadia who first came into the limelight in 2013 after saving lives during the Westgate Mall terror attack.

Contrary to Kenyan media reports, the gangsters had not attempted to rob the bank.

Gigiri OCPD Vitalis Otieno said Police were in pursuit of an accomplice who escaped on foot.


By Dennis Mbae

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