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Kanjo Kingdom – Part 2

USD 11.5 million. It’s a staggering figure. That’s enough to pay the school fees of 811,000 Kenyan Primary School Children for one year… Yet this is what is extorted from hundreds of thousands of hawkers and informal traders in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, every year. Many of these people earn 100 dollars or less every month. Behind this extortion are officers working for Nairobi City’s government. Officers who operate with impunity, and often use deadly violence against the hawkers. This is part two of an Africa Uncensored documentary, ‘Kanjo Kingdom’.

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Kibubusa cha Kanjo – Sehemu ya Pili

Katika sehemu ya pili ya makala ya ‘Kibubusa Cha Kanjo’ tunaangazia ufisadi wa hali ya juu kando na kufichua sura na majina ya maafisa husikawa baraza la jijila Nairobi walionaswa na kamera zetu wakipokea hongo.

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The Kanjo Kingdom Structure

How is the money collected? Where does it go?

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How is the Kanjo Kingdom divided?

Every kingdom needs to be organized. How are territories mapped in the #KanjoKingdom?

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Nairobi’s Hard Life Turns Prostitute into a Dreaded Gangster

Nairobi, Kenya.

The first time Anita resolved to start robbing her clients, prostitution had become a nightmare to her. She had been abused and beaten up on many occasions, often by rich but stingy punters. At times, they had declined to pay her. But if they agreed to pay, they shoved a few low-currency notes and coins into her hands. All the money she got went into fending for her two children, having lost her first and second husbands to crime in less than five years.

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Kibubusa cha Kanjo – Sehemu ya Kwanza

Kibubusa Cha Kanjo ni kisa cha maskani ya wanabiashara wa Nairobi. Tazama:

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Kanjo Kingdom – Part 1

This first episode of “Kanjo Kingdom” begins an in-depth investigation into an extortion ring ran by officers from Nairobi City County’s notorious Inspectorate department. Every month, officers from this department fleece hundreds of thousands of hawkers and informal traders of up to one million dollars.

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A Game of Woes: The Kanjo Kingdom

β€œTo report to who? … This is Kenya my friend.”
Kanjo Kingdom

These are the questions that we encounter in #KanjoKingdom.

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Kanjo Kingdom: The Numbers

Watch a trailer of Africa Uncensored‘s Kanjo Kingdom here:

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