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A Game of Woes: The Kanjo Kingdom

“To report to who? … This is Kenya my friend.”
Kanjo Kingdom

These are the questions that we encounter in #KanjoKingdom.

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Kanjo Kingdom: The Numbers

Watch a trailer of Africa Uncensored‘s Kanjo Kingdom here:

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No Country for Cartoonists – The Exit of GADO Mwapembwa

JAN: “If you could draw a picture of what you felt the moment you received the news, what would it be?”

GADO: “I don’t know!” (Chuckles) “ I was blank!”
It takes a very powerful moment to make a man who has spent almost a quarter of a century filling out blank canvasses with witty cartoons to be, well, blank. Then again, it isn’t every day that you get the news that you are out of a job. After 23 years.

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Killing Asnina: The trouble with investigating murder in Northern Kenya

12:15 PM: It was the kind of heat that should have darkened the complexions of the many brown faces clumped in small groups in the middle of a hot Mandera afternoon. The sun, though, wasn’t responsible for their pained expressions. Every last person gathered on the outskirts of the town had come to witness the digging up of Asnina Musa Sheikh’s grave, as if laying their eyes on her corpse would lift the shroud of mystery around her death that engulfed the town, just like the days oppressive heat.

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The (No) Numbers Game – AMISOM’s Cagey Casualty Record

Next year, AMISOM forces will have spent a decade in Somalia; the longest that any foreign force has spent on Somali soil in its independent history. That, in itself, is an achievement. Many forces have come and gone away, defeated by the enormity of the task of bringing lasting stability to Somalia, or at the very least, pacifying the sometimes rabid violence that made world headlines as yet another desperate Somali story punctuated by bullets.

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