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Kitui’s Stalled Umaa Dam

As Masinga dam continues to spill excess water following heavy rainfall, Umaa dam in Kitui County lies empty and incomplete. For the seven years that it has been so, County residents have experienced drought in dry seasons and floods in rainy seasons. Water shortage, their greatest need, has however persisted throughout all seasons. When will this end?

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Lake Ol Bolossat: Kenya’s Dying Lake

Lake Ol Bolossat is Central Kenya’s only natural lake. Thanks to increased human activity and encroachment, it is constantly at a risk of drying up for good. Can anything be done to save this lake?

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New Ebola Outbreak Kills 17 in DR Congo

The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has declared a new outbreak of Ebola after two cases of the deadly disease were reported in Northwest of the country.

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Ol Bolossat: Kenya’s “Unknown” Lake

Lake Ol Bolossat, located in Nyandarua county, may not immediately be known to many. After all, for most Kenyans, their one and only encounter with the lake was during Geography classes. Yet as the Central region’s only natural lake and one of the sources of the Ewaso Ng’iro river, it is just as important as any other water body not just in Central Kenya alone but in the whole country. Read More

Press Freedom in Kenya: A Veteran Journalist’s Perspective

Veteran Kenyan journalist Catherine Gicheru shares her candid thoughts on press freedom in the country then and now and the emergence of new media which has totally redefined journalism while also opening a new front with regards to media freedom.

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Why Ndaka-ini dam is not yet full despite the ravaging rains

Kenyans have for the last few weeks been left wondering why reports reaching them indicated that Ndaka-ini dam, one of the major sources of water for Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and surrounding regions, is not full despite the ongoing heavy rains. The Africa Uncensored team has been on the ground looking for answers to this puzzle.

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Your Story: Nairobi’s Graffiti Godfather

Swift, as he is popularly known, is a trailblazer in the graffiti artistry scene in the country. Self-driven and motivated, he has mastered his craft and travels around the world doing what he knows best: paint his heart out. When he’s not doing that, he’s mentoring the next generation of graffiti artists because as he puts it, “Art is life” and it must live on long after him.

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Concrete Desert: African Cities in Urgent Water Crisis

As Cape Town’s water crisis continues to keep the world focused on the Mother City, several other African cities are staring at a similar fate. These cities will inevitably run out of water if the threat is not dealt with urgently. Read More

End of the River – Part 4

In the final of End of the River, Africa Uncensored’s John-Allan Namu takes a look at the heart of the Laikipia conflict that pits herders from local pastoralist communities against large ranch and conservancy owners.

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