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BRIBE US! WE’LL STILL VOTE IN WHO WE WANT! – Dealing with voter bribery in Kisumu County.

Exactly 5 years ago on March 4 th , Kenyans went to the polls in the first election under a new constitution. While they voted under a new legal regime, voter bribery, one of the country’s bad old habits were carried into that election cycle. Ezekiel Owulu, a resident of Kisumu County, is in his early thirties. He voted in the 2013 election and will be voting again in this year’s. He has no apologies for having taken bribes offered to him in the last election, and says that politicians are at it again. He’s speaking to a trend that was noted in a recent survey on voter bribery.

According to the survey, Kisumu County is among the top of ten counties where bribes are taken during elections. He says that a bribe won’t influence his choice, but do the statistics in this survey mirror his assertions?

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