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Service with dignity. That is the promise made by the national police service to the public, among the few mottos and pledges that the country’s security apparatus commits to. Yet, on an almost weekly basis, this is being challenged, in the deaths of citizens across the country. Yet, for all their sins, Kenya’s security agencies protect the public from real and present danger, from the scourge of terror to gangsterism that has made an ugly, bloody blot across the country’s history books. But the question still remains: can fair treatment and firm security exist within the same borders? Should we as a nation comfort those who have lost loved ones, or mark their deaths as the cost of progress. Africa Uncensored’s John-Allan Namu now brings you the final part of this exclusive series on one of Kenya’s most enduring of problems, wrapped in that question that has outlived governments and defied cries for justice – where are our children?

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