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No less than four different organisations that monitor Human Rights abuses have agreed that members of Kenya’s security agencies are needlessly executing hundreds of Kenyans. Facts have been given, numbers have been produced, but all of these have been rebuffed by a government that, as recently as this week, claims that these are all rumours, calculated to taint the government’s image. So then, begs the question, what of the families who have had to endure this blatant denial of the deaths of their loved ones? Are the graves, or the anxious nights of waiting on men and women who have been disappeared figments of their imagination? Where is their voice? And if Kenya’s security agencies are not responsible for these deaths and disappearances, then who is? Tonight, you get to hear these voices, and see these faces. Africa Uncensored’s John-Allan Namu unveils a two part series that shows the truth behind extra judicial killings and enforced disappearances, through the eyes of people who have lived the consequences of these words, and ask the one question the government has refused to answer.

Where are our children?

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