The Burning Question: Will Nairobi’s Never-ending Fires End?

In what has become something short of an odd tradition, every year, traders at one of the region’s largest markets, Gikomba, and residents of low-income areas across the city of Nairobi brace themselves for what appears to be an endless occurrence of unexplained fires. Read More

Uncensored Mtaani: Burden of Bullets

Kenya is almost synonymous with extra-judicial killings in Africa with an Amnesty International report indicating that by October 2016, the country had 122 extra-judicial killings recorded, out of the 177 recorded continent-wide. If anything, according to Amnesty, the numbers could be higher were local police figures availed. So, where does that leave us? Read More

No Country for the Poor: The Reality of the Kibra Demolitions

Despite having agreed with human rights bodies, the National Land Commission and area residents to resettle the latter, the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) went ahead with its planned demolition of structures occupying land meant for a road in Kibra without offering the residents alternative shelter or compensation leaving tens of thousands of residents, including children, with no homes or schools. Read More

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