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Globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youths aged between 15-29 years, according to the World Health Organization. Close to 800,000 deaths every year are as a result of suicides. That translates to about one death every 40 seconds. Read More

Suicide Was An Option

On June 20th this year at exactly 10:29am, Gerald Mwangi a Kenyan actor, penned what would be his penultimate Facebook post before his death. It read: “Keep pushing until something happens. Don’t die heart.” Read More

I Am Not Okay: Mental Illness in Children

Mental health is not limited to adults alone. Even children are affected.

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Your Story: I Thought Having A Lot Of Sex Would Cure My Depression

For Onyango Otieno’s friends, depression was something new to them and they did not know how to handle it when he was going through it. Read More

I Am Not Okay: Manifestations and Triggers of Mental Health

In our ongoing focus on mental health, Joy Kirigia focuses on the triggers of mental health in the second episode of “I Am Not Okay”.

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I Am Not Okay: Dealing With Mental Illness

For a long time in African societies, mental health problems were not considered as medical issues but rather as the results of witchcraft that, more often than not, required spiritual intervention. However, times have changed and today, after numerous cases of suicide and slumps into depression by people we know, we are slowly coming alive to the fact that this is as serious an illness as any other and we can seek help and be helped.

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